Jerky Chris Woehrle

ISBN: 9781592539154

Published: October 1st 2014


160 pages


Jerky  by  Chris Woehrle

Jerky by Chris Woehrle
October 1st 2014 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 160 pages | ISBN: 9781592539154 | 6.34 Mb

The time of the plastic-wrapped beef stick is over! Assault your taste buds with artisan crafted jerky recipes.  Basil citrus, black cherry barbecue, sweet honey chipotle are just a few of the ways to transform lean meats like turkey, beef, and pork into high-protein, ready-to-eat snacks. In addition to saving money, drying your meats can be so much more than simply preserving it. Adding layers of flavor foodies die for, drying allows you to control the ingredients so you can have a natural and healthy snack to keep you energized and your body happy. Join Chris Woehrle as he blows the world of dried meats wide open and introduces you to a whole new way of looking at jerky.

Did you know that pairing pinot noir with smoky grilled teriyaki pork jerky sparks a party on your tongue? Or that you can use turkey jerky, infused with robust flavors, in soups and stir-fries as a timesaving alternative.  In Jerky you’ll learn how to find the best meats from local farms, the best methods to dry foods, and the health benefits from eating lean proteins. So break out that dusty dehydrator, set your oven low and slow, start marinating your favorite meat, and let Jerky show you how to make healthy homemade snack that beats anything you find at the gas station counter!

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