Magic of Rindibar: Reawakening Ryan Hildebrand

ISBN: 9781312383319

Published: August 8th 2014



Magic of Rindibar: Reawakening  by  Ryan Hildebrand

Magic of Rindibar: Reawakening by Ryan Hildebrand
August 8th 2014 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | | ISBN: 9781312383319 | 10.17 Mb

It is the Fourth Age in the world of Rindibar. Magic is something more akin to myth and legend than fact. But as the events of the three novellas of The Magic of Rindibar: Reawakening unfold, we come to see that Magic is very real indeed.

Through characters like Jace Waters, Saphyr Claybourne, Frist Hart, Brad Drannen, and many others, we will discover a world that is about to be turned upon its head. Not only is the mysterious force known as Magic returning to Rindibar, but one particular individual is, unbeknownst to all, seeking to acquire and accumulate political power through the rapid advancement of technology. His actions will change Rindibar just as much as Magic. The Magic of Rindibar: Reawakening, is a fantasy fiction book for late teen or young adult readers.

It consists of three novellas, each of which focus on a different set of characters and locations within Rindibar.

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